Research Area(s)

Eco immunology / disease ecology, evolutionary genetics, sexual selection, sexual conflict, and life history evolution


Work within our research group stretches across the fields of evolutionary biology and disease ecology.  With regard to evolution, we address how complex phenotypes evolve, especially with regard uniparentally inherited genetic elements (e.g. Y-chromosomes), which can have unexpected influences on trait evolution. With regard to disease ecology and eco-immunology, we address how anthropogenic disturbances, such as climate change and pollution, can influence insect vector immunity and their capacity to transmit disease. Where these fields overlap is also of interest. For instance, we are interested in how anthropogenic disturbances will influence the future evolution of insect vector immune function and disease prevalence. These diverse questions have caused us to utilize multiple animal systems (including fruit flies, crickets, psyllids, and mosquitoes) and to draw techniques from multiple scientific fields (including molecular biology, quantitative genetics, and ecotoxicology). For more information about the lab, please visit our website: