Research Area(s)

Marine biology, ichthyology, genomics, population genetics, deep-sea, coral reefs, eDNA


The research in my lab is centered on the evolution, ecology, and origin of biodiversity in marine fishes. We are a highly collaborative lab that employs an interdisciplinary approach combining molecular tools (genome sequencing, RADSeq, and targeted capture) with field-based studies to address one of the oldest yet still hotly debated questions in biology: how do species form and specifically what are the roles of geographic isolation, ecological differentiation, and selection in the diversification of lineages? We have a number of ongoing projects involving deep-sea grenadiers, hawkfishes and surgeonfishes with a number of other projects in the works.

Additionally, our lab is investigating the utility of eDNA as a biogeographic tool to identify patterns of biodiversity, study species distributions, and evaluate anthropogenic impacts on marine ecosystems.