Research Area(s)

Plant ecology, landscape ecology, and natural resources management.


Dr. Hinkle’s primary research interests are in plant ecology, landscape ecology, and applied conservation biology. For more than ten years, he and his Postdoctoral Research Associates have been members  of  a multidisciplined  team of scientists who have  experimentally evaluated ecosystem  responses to double ambient atmospheric CO2 including ecosystem carbon dynamics, above and below ground biomass production, ecosystem water dynamics, ecosystem response to fire, nutrient cycling, and ecosystem structural components.  He is also interested in applied research related to the conservation of native ecosystems via implementation of local community-based land acquisition and ecosystem management programs.  He chairs a committee of scientists in Brevard County, Central Florida, in the design and implementation of conservation reserves.  The objectives of the Brevard county program are directed toward optimizing the long term sustainability of biological diversity in a rapidly urbanizing landscape. Research interest areas include fire ecology and landscape management, invasive species management, restoration ecology of degraded habitat, and the establishment of long term ecological monitoring and research of conservation areas.  He continues to be an active member of a national team of scientists who are designing and implementing the National Ecological Observatory Network with the National Science Foundation to address national priorities for ecological monitoring and research. Dr. Hinkle is a strong proponent of bringing together multidisciplinary teams of scientists to solve complex ecological problems.