We are excited to introduce a new initiative aimed at enhancing the inclusivity of our educational environment within the UCF College of Sciences.

The Inclusive Design badge signifies a commitment to implementing best practices that accommodate diverse student needs, foster a less stressful learning environment, and help students better understand and meet faculty expectations.

To apply for an inclusive design badge faculty should:
  • Include a list of at least 14 of the best practices, found in the form below, that they will follow in their syllabus.
  • There must be at least one best practice from each section.
  • Highlight the place in the syllabus where it is clear that each practice is being implemented.
    Ex: If you are implementing the practice: “No single item in the class (assignment or test) will be worth more than 20% of the final grade.”, please highlight the section of the syllabus that outlines how much each assignment is worth.
  • If there will be implementing practices that cannot be highlighted in the syllabus, please include an additional document explaining how these practices will be implemented and how you will communicate this to the students.
    Ex: If you are implementing the practice: “The instructor will spend 5 min on the first day of class discussing different learning strategies and encourage students to communicate their needs to the instructor.”, please let us know what resource you would use to prepare this discussion or outline how you would lead the discussion.