College of Sciences Celebrates 18 new PH.D.s

Group ShotThursday, Dec. 11, the College of Sciences celebrated 18 new Ph.Ds at a special graduation reception. The graduation celebration took place in the atrium of the Physical Sciences building.  In attendance were family members of the graduates, faculty advisors and members of the Dean’s office staff.

Dean Michael Johnson and Associate Dean Teresa Dorman, of the College of Sciences, spoke to the new graduates.  Following the presentation, they celebrated with champagne, toasting to the continued success of the Ph.D. graduates.  The following day the graduation ceremony was held at the UCF Arena.

The graduates come from a variety of departments within the College of Sciences.

Congratulations to our fall 2014 Ph.D. graduates!



Conservation Biology

Melinda DonnellyMelinda Donnelly

Advisor: Dr. Linda Walters

Dissertation: “Effects of biotic interactions on coastal wetland communities with applications for restoration”




Pejman JouzdaniPejman Jouzdani

Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Mucciolo

Dissertation: “Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Phase Transitions and Error Thresholds in Topological Quantum Memories.”





Carolina FrancoCarolina Franco

Advisor: Dr. Cherie Yestrebesky

Dissertation: “Degradation of Hydrazine and Monomethylhydrazine in Fuel Waste Streams using Alpha-ketoglutaric Acid.”




Candace KirklandCandace Kirkland

Advisor: Dr. Cherie Yestrebsky

Dissertation: “Photo-induced Protonation of Polyaniline Composites and Mechanistic Study of the Degradation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls with Zero-Valent Magnesium.”



Aditya Reddy KolliAditya Reddy Kolli

Advisor: Dr. James Hickman

Dissertation: “Action potentials as indicators of metabolic perturbations for temporal proteomic analysis.”




Astha MalhotraAstha Malhotra

Advisor: Dr. Lei Zhai

Dissertation: “Multifunctional and Responsive Polyelectrolyte Nanostructures.”





Binglin SuiBinglin Sui

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Belfield

Dissertation: “Fluorescence Off-On Sensors for F-, K+, Fe3+, and Ca2+ Ions.”





Mengyuan WangMengyuan Wang

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Belfield

Dissertation: “Synthesis of Fluorescent Molecules and Their Applications as Viscosity Sensors, Metal Ion indicators, and Near-Infrared Probes.”




Adam WoodwardAdam Woodward

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Belfield

Dissertation: “In Actu Et In Silicio: Linear and Nonlinear Photophysical Characterization of a Novel Europium Complex, and Coupling Computational Calculations in the Analysis of Novel Organic Compounds.”



Xiling YueXiling Yue

Advisor: Dr. Kevin Belfield

Dissertation: “Application of Two-Photon Absorbing Fluorene-Containing Compounds in Bioimaging and Photodynamic Therapy.”





Modeling & Simulation

Charles HarrisCharles Harris

Advisor: Dr. John Kincaid

Dissertation: “The Effect of Habitat for Humanity Homeownership on Student Attendance and Standardized Test Scores in Orange County Florida School District”






Aniruddha DuttaAniruddha Dutta

Advisor: Dr. Helge Heinrich

Dissertation: “Quantitative Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy of thick samples and of gold and silver nanoparticles on polymeric surfaces”




Simranjeet SinghSimranjeet Singh

Advisor: Dr. Enrique del Barco

Dissertation: “Dynamical Spin Injection in Graphene.”






Physics/Planetary Sciences

Emily KramerEmily Kramer

Advisor: Dr. Yanga Fernandez

“Studying Short‐Period Comets and Long‐Period Comets Detected by WISE/NEOWISE.”




Nathaniel LustNathaniel Lust

Advisor: Dr. Daniel Britt

Dissertation: “Creation and Application of Routines for Determining Physical Properties of Asteroids and Exoplanets from Low Signal-To-Noise Data-Sets.”




AEHF Psychology

Stephen-SergeStephen Serge

Advisor: Dr. Mustapha Mouloua

Dissertation: “A Multimedia Approach to Game-Based Training: Exploring the Effects of the Modality and Temporal Contiguity Principles on Learning in a Virtual Environment.”





I/O Psychology

Lauren BenishekLauren Benishek

Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Salas

Dissertation: “Exploring the Hows and the Whos: The Effects of Self-Regulation Prompting and Goal Orientation on the e-Learning Process”




Rebecca GrossmanRebecca Grossman

Advisor: Dr. Eduardo Salas

Dissertation: “How do Teams Become Cohesive? A Meta-Analysis of Cohesion’s Antecedents”




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