Congratulations, Fall 2017 Ph.D. Graduates

In a reception hosted by Dean Michael Johnson, Ph.D., the College of Sciences celebrated its new Ph.D. graduates in the Physical Sciences building. Thirteen students were recognized with family members and faculty advisors by their side. Associate Dean Teresa Dorman, Ph.D., honored each student by presenting their research and dissertation. A champagne toast followed to celebrate the students’ hard work.

Congratulations to our Fall 2017 Ph.D. graduates! View the photo album.


Maha Al-Tameemi, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Andres Campiglia, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Time-resolved phosphorescence spectroscopy at cryogenic temperatures for the environmental analysis of polycyclic aromatic sulfur heterocycles in oil contaminated sites.”

Keyton Kalakewich, Ph.D., faculty advisor, James Harper, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Monitoring crystal structure refinements using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance chemical shift tensors.”

Carlos Ledezma, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Dmitry Kolpashchikov, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Two-component covalent inhibitors of the human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase.”

Dawn Mills, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Karin Chumbimuni-Torres, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “A universal electrochemical biosensor for the detection of nucleic acids based on a four-way junction structure.”


Shannon Bailey, Ph.D. (Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology), faculty advisor, Valerie Sims, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Getting the upper hand: Natural gesture interactions improve instructional efficiency on a conceptual computer lesson.”

Nicholas Fraulini, Ph.D. (Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology), faculty advisor, James Szalma, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Examining energetic and structural components of knowledge of result using a vigilance paradigm.”

Ada Mishler, Ph.D., (Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology), faculty advisor, Mark Neider, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Do multiple conditions elicit the visual redundant signals effect in simple response times?”


Ian Kutch, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Kenneth Fedorka, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “The role of the Y-chromosome in the evolution of autosomally coded traits.”

Joseph Waddell, Ph.D., faculty advisor, William Crampton, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Reproductive life history and signal evolution in multi-species assemblage of electric fish.”


Abigail Malick, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Jana Jasinski, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Faculty knowledge and readiness in reporting student victimization disclosure and Title IX compliance.”


Abrar Quadery, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Patrick Schelling, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Computational modeling of physical and chemical processes during space weathering and planet formation.”

Hussain Abouelkhair, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Robert Peale, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Growth and doping of MoS2 thin films for electronic and optoelectronic applications.”

Sabine Pelton, Ph.D., faculty advisor, Eduardo Mucciolo, Ph.D.

Dissertation: “Solving constraint satisfaction problems with matrix product states.”

Congratulations! View the full album of photos here.

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