COS Welcomes 50 New Faculty

new faculty resizedThe College of Sciences at the University of Central Florida welcomes 50 new faculty members this fall.  In conjunction with the new faculty hiring campaign, approximatley 200 new faculty will begin at the university by fall 2015.  These new faculty members will strengthen the areas of the university where there has been high student enrollment and growth.

Many of these new faculty will be part of the new Faculty Cluster Initiative that has been designed to leverage UCF’s existing strengths and foster the development of strong, interdisciplinary diverse teams focused on solving today’s most challenging scientific and societal problems.

Six faculty clusters have been selected in the program’s inaugural year, including cyber security, renewable energy, coastal systems, genomics and bioinformatics, prosthetics, and energy conversion and propulsion.

The College of Sciences would like to welcome the following new faculty members:

Scott Branting, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Michael Callaghan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Neil Duncan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Shana Harris, Ph.D., Visiting Lecturer
Brigitte Kovacevich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
John Starbuck, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Lisa Chambers, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
Geoffrey Cook, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Tiffany Doan, Ph.D., Lecturer
Barbara Sharanowski, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Matthieu Baudelet, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Melanie Beazley, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Yulia Gerasimova, Ph.D., Visiting Professor
Emily Heider, Visiting Lecturer
Tamra Legron-Rodriguez, Lecturer
Erin Saitta, Lecturer

Nicholson School of Communication
Doug Blemker, Instructor, Advertising-Public Relations
Jonathan Conway, Instructor, Human Communication, Director of Forensics
Erica Rodriguez Kight, Lecturer, Broadcast Journalism and Radio-Television
Renata Kolodziej-Smith, Instructor, Human Communication
Jeff Kunerth, Visiting Instructor, Journalism
Deanna Sellnow, Ph.D., Professor, Strategic Communication
Timothy Sellnow, Ph.D., Professor, Strategic Communication
Andrea Scott, Ph.D., Visiting Instructor, Human Communication
Kevin Smith, Lecturer, Radio-Television

Teng Zhang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Luca Argenti
Jackie Chini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Michael Chini, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Joseph Donoghue, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Adrienne Dove, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Madhab Neupane
Adam LaMee
Yuehai Yang

Political Science
Andrew Boutton, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Annabelle Conroy
Christopher Olds, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Gunes Murat Tezcur, Ph.D., Jalal talabany Chair of Kurdish Political Studies & Associate Professor

Cerissa Blaney
Brian Fisak
Nichole Lighthall, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Joseph Schmidt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Mindy Shoss

Timothy Hawthorne, Ph.D., Assitant Professor
Anne Bubriski
Yingru Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Hsin-Hsiung Huang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Daoji Li, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Vu Nguyen, Instructor
Shunpu Zang, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor

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