The India Center Welcomes a New Fellow

india-center-story-768x1024Senior business journalist Sunitha Natti has been selected as a non-resident Fellow for The India Center in the College of Sciences at the University of Central Florida. Natti, who had worked as a special correspondent – and, later, as a senior assistant editor – for The New Indian Express from 2008-2016, is currently an independent writer and researcher on multiple projects.

Her focal issues include India’s newly formed state of Andhra Pradesh; the ways effective household savings can help people overcome income inequality; and how the Indian government’s new initiatives such as “Make in India” are helping to broaden trade ties with developed nations.

“We are truly privileged to have Sunitha Natti join us as a non-resident Fellow,” said John C. Bersia, co-chair of The India Center. “She’s been an active figure in business journalism in India, as well as a keen observer of key trends in that country’s economy. She understands India in ways few others do and has access to an impressive network of contacts throughout the Indian business world. We will benefit from her ideas and insights as we continue to build The India Center,” he added.

Kerstin Hamann, Ph.D., who also co-chairs The India Center and heads the Political Science Department at UCF, said, “I am excited Sunitha Natti has agreed to serve as a non-resident Fellow for The India Center. She is a highly regarded journalist in India and will add an important perspective to the Center. In her new role as non-resident Fellow, she will increase the visibility of the Center, not just in the United States but in India.”

At The New Indian Express, Natti’s primary focus was to generate news reports and in-depth stories on the corporate world and global industries. She was also responsible for covering news developments related to the country’s economic growth, infrastructure, and advancements in information technology and biotechnology. In 2011, Natti was the first to cover the news that Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company, was ending work on the development of an anti-diabetes molecule, wasting millions of rupees and seven years of work. In 2012, she published a groundbreaking piece on the organization’s chairman’s transfer of Laboratories’ company stocks into a holding company. Natti has also written stories highlighting the achievements of women entrepreneurs in various industries.

Previously, Natti was assistant manager of corporate communications for the Naandi Foundation from 2007-2008; senior correspondent of Businessworld from 2006-2007; correspondent for the Times of India from 2005-2006; and reporter for Cyber Media News from 2004-2005.

Her education and training include a master’s degree in communications and journalism from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India, and a bachelor’s degree in computer applications with distinction, also from Osmania University.

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