Nanosensors for Biological Discovery

Heather Clark - Chemistry semiarOn October 30th, the UCF community is invited to join Heather A. Clark, Ph.D., from Northeastern University, as she presents “Building an Imaging Toolbox: Nanosensors for Biological Discovery”.

The Chemistry Department Seminar Program presents Dr. Clark as she introduces the new developments in fluorescent nanosensor technology and how it will improve the measurements of ion and small molecule concentrations in biological environments.

Dr. Clark, is an associate professor at Northeastern University in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She received both her B.S in chemistry and her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from University of Michigan. Her main research interests are in optical nanosensors for biological analysis and novel sensor development.

She runs the Clark Lab at Northeastern University, where they focuses on the development of fluorescent nanosensors for in vitro and in vivo analyte detection. They have developed novel nanosensors, and are currently expanding their range of sensors into other areas, including neurotransmitters and other small molecules. The lab has built strong collaborations with local, national, and international investigators.

Dr. Clark has done research with The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, and the University of Connecticut Health Center. She was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Biomedical Imaging Technology and has been a principal member of the technical staff in the Biomedical Engineering Group.

Join us Friday, October 30th at 3:30pm in Classroom Building 2, room 106, for this informative and exciting presentation.


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