National Communications Fraternity to Join UCF

zetaphietaZeta Phi Eta, the oldest fraternity of its kind, founded in 1893, will be UCF’s first communications fraternity in spring 2015.

Chapter president, Thevenin Campton, said that he was initially surprised that there is not already a professional communications fraternity at the second largest university in the nation.

Campton contacted the national board of Zeta Phi Eta approximately a year ago to develop the chapter.

“I contacted the national board of Zeta Phi Eta back in spring 2014 to see if I could set up a chapter at UCF,” Campton said. “As UCF is the second largest university in the nation, I was surprised that there wasn’t already a professional communications fraternity in existence.”

The Office of Student Involvement referred him to Zeta Phi Eta when he had approached them with the idea. The national executive board was quick, responsive and helpful throughout the founding process according to Campton.

Being a former member of Delta Epsilon Mu, a professional health fraternity, Campton knows firsthand the benefits, experience and memories that professional fraternities can give to students.

“It provides tremendous growth for any student, professionally and socially,” Campton said. “No true college experience is fulfilled without them.”

Graduating in May, he said that his only hope is to inspire younger executive board members. He has confidence that prospective new members to remember the value that Zeta Phi Eta provides and that they continue to help the brotherhood grow.

Campton said that he has had a number of very enthusiastic students approach him about becoming a part of the brotherhood. Many of those students have become executive board members that will help the fraternity kick off in the spring.

Rush week for the fraternity begins Jan. 27, 2015. For more information and how to join, please click here.

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