Tech Fee Brings Light to Nicholson School of Communication

NSC TECH-FEE 300 x 200To keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, and to keep students trained in the most current advances in telecommunications, the Nicholson School of Communication often updates its own technology by virtue of the University of Central Florida Technology Fee Awards.

This year, NSC will be updating once again after receiving a UCF Tech Fee Award for the 2014-15 academic year. The UCF Technology Fee Committee has awarded $100,517.41 to fund NSC’s proposal, “Energy Efficient LED Studio Light System Conversion,” which was coordinated by NSC studio manager Jim McCully.

As the title suggests, NSC will be converting its current lighting system in the TV studio to LED lighting. McCully said that most TV studios are already using this type of lighting, so students will be trained and able to demonstrate proficiency on the type of lighting they may use at their future jobs.

This is the fourth consecutive year in which the Nicholson School has received a UCF Tech Fee Award and the 11th technology project that has been funded by the university. In 2013, NSC was awarded $48,500 for new professional video cameras and $29,983 for an upgrade to the audio facility. In 2012, NSC received its biggest award amount – $189,500 for an HDTV High Definition upgrade to the news studio. In 2011 and in 2012, NSC received two Tech Fee Awards totaling almost $200,000 for refurbishments to the multimedia newsroom.

In the past, NSC has also received grants to fund its technological updates. The largest grants were given in 2005: $148,725 for the advanced post-production lab and $25,000 for computers in the newsroom.

Original story can be found in the Nicholson News.

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