Physics Connoisseur, Dr. Subir Bose Remembered

Dr. Subir Bose

Dr. Subir Bose

Tuesday, April 22nd, members of the community came together in memorial of Dr. Subir Bose, professor emeritus, who passed away on March 29 after a short illness.

From the time Dr. Bose joined the UCF Physics Department in 1987, serving as chair until 1994, his well-known qualities of leadership and determination shown prominently through his many endeavors within UCF. Until his retirement in 2008, Bose worked tirelessly to transform the Physics Department into a beacon of success.

Under his stewardship, Physics implemented similar service teaching demands of other departments and adopted modern educational approaches in the classroom. Dr. Bose stood at the frontier of departmental advances such as Ph.D. program addition and transferred focus from teaching-centric ideologies to one that embraced research and graduate education.

As per his family’s wishes, the UCF Physics Department is establishing an endowed scholarship for undergraduate students in his name.

If you wish to contribute, you may send a check to Pat Korosec, Department of Physics, UCF, 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, FL 32816. Please make checks payable to UCF-Foundation: Subir Bose Scholarship Funds.


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