Technology Developed to Help Diagnose Disorders, Cancer and Disease


Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov

UCF Department of Chemistry Associate Professor, Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov, in collaboration with Post-Doctoral Associate Dr. Yulia Gerasimova, recently earned a United States patent entitled “Binary Probe system for sensitive detection of target analytes.”

The patent is for technology that has been developed to assist in the diagnosis of genetic disorders, cancer and infectious diseases. It involves a new combination of methods to detect human DNA sequences with improved selectivity and sensitivity.


Dr. Yulia Gerasimova

New-generation smart sensors have been developed based on the latest developments in DNA nanotechnology. Five patents have come before this one, which have led to the newest technology.

Current DNA diagnostics are exclusively performed in laboratories, they require significant time and experienced personnel. However, this new invention will be less dependent on labs and more accessible for outside use in the field and at point-of-care facilities. Costs for these tests will also be reduced significantly.

The patent can be viewed and read here.

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