Faculty Nomination

We are accepting nominations of full-time faculty members of any rank who have notable accomplishments in teaching at all levels (undergraduate and graduate) from fall 2021 to fall 2023. Individual faculty members or a group of faculty may be nominated.


Nominations are due to the college by Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at 11:59pm.  


All nominees must be supported by the department chair or school director. Each unit may nominate a total of three (3) faculty members or up to 10% of your full-time faculty (whichever is the higher number). Chairs/directors should use this form to submit their selected nominees to Ms. Donna Oppenheim (Donna.Oppenheim@ucf.edu) by the deadline.

The nomination categories are:
  • High-Impact or High-Quality Instruction
    This category highlights faculty members who deliver courses that are not only designated as high impact but who stand out for the depth of impact and quality of instruction. These faculty members deliver learning experiences and impacts that go beyond synthesizing theory to practice and that emphasize and apply the skills gained to excel beyond the classroom and degree.
  • Successful Course Design, Transformation or Innovation
    Successful Course Design, Transformation or Innovation includes recognition of major course innovations or transformations to improve student success and embrace learning outcomes. This can be the result of developing and designing a new course, taking a closer and deeper look and how and why students are (or are not) successful in a course and adjusting the curriculum to maximize success, or incorporating new and innovative approaches to delivering instruction. In many cases, this design or transformation is applied to courses with massive offerings, again proving that while we are big, we are still definitely focused on quality instruction.
  • Individualized Instruction, Supervision or Mentorship
    The one-on-one experience a student has with a faculty member can be life-changing. In this category we recognize Individualized Instruction, Supervision or Mentorship that stands out beyond what is usually expected of the faculty member and shows evidence of success. These are faculty members who have made individual connections with students and are continually acknowledged as “great instructors” by their students. These are faculty who engage in outreach beyond the classroom and support their students to develop into professionals.

Please submit one form per nominee.

Download the Nomination Form