Tony Nicholson started his entrepreneurial career in 1962, shortly after he graduated from college. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Tulane University. Nicholson began working in new site acquisition and lease negotiation for the McDonald’s Corporation. This experience led Nicholson to Site Finders Unlimited, a real estate brokerage, where he offered site locations to food chains. He started his own business and eventually led him to Orlando in 1967. At that time, this was the largest shopping center in the United States. Once in Central Florida, his Orlando-based business empire started to grow. He founded Alltelco, Nicholson International Productions Inc., and even purchased and managed a radio station.

Nicholson’s present companies include Nicholson USA Properties Inc., Affordable Homes of America Inc., Magic Housing Inc., United States Financial Services Inc., U.S. Title Co., and Systems and Solutions International. He is also one of the owners of the Orlando Predators.