AST 2002 – Introduction to Astronomy

AST 2002 – Introduction to Astronomy

Syllabus: AST2002_Syllabus_Spring_2018_Bennett

Introductory Lecture, Mon 8th Jan: AST2002_Introduction

Chapter 1, Wed 10th Jan: Chapter1 – pt1

Chapter 1 pt2. … Chapter 2 pt 1, Fri 12th Jan: Chapter1pt2_Chapter2_pt1

Mon 15th Jan: No class – MLK day.

Chapter 2 pt 2, Wed 17th Jan: AST2002_Wed_17th_Jan_2018_Chapter2_pt2

Chapter 2 pt 3, Fri 19th Jan: AST2002_Fri_19th_Jan_2018_Chapter2_pt3

Chapter 3 pt 1. Mon 22nd Jan: AST2002_Mon_22nd_Jan_2018_Chapter3_pt1

Chapter 3 pt 2, Wed 24th Jan: AST2002_Wed_24th_Jan_2018_Chapter3_pt2

Chapter 3 pt 3, Chapter 4 pt 1, Fri 26th Jan: AST2002_Fri_26th_Jan_2018_Chapter3_pt3_Chapter4_pt1

Chapter 4 pt 2, Mon 29th Jan: AST2002_Mon_29th_Jan_2018_Chapter4_pt2

Chapter 4 pts 3-4. Wed 31st Jan: AST2002_Wed_31st_Jan_2018_Chapter4_pt4

Chapter 4, Chapter 5 pt 1, Fri 2nd Feb: AST2002_Fri_2nd_Feb_2018_end_Ch4_Ch5-pt1

Chapter 5, pt 2, Mon 5th Feb: AST2002_Mon_5th_Feb_2018_Ch5-pt2

Mid-Term #1 Review, Wed 7th Feb: AST2002_Wed_7th_Feb_2018_Mid-term_1_Review

Solutions to Homework #1: Homework 1 Solutions

Chapter 6, pt 1, Mon 12th Feb: AST2002_Mon_12th_Feb_2018_Chapter6_pt1

Chapter 6, pt2, Wed 14th Feb: AST2002_Wed_14th_Feb_2018_Chapter6_pt2

Chapter 7, pt1, Fri 16th Feb: AST2002_Fri_16th_Feb_2018_Chapter7_pt1

Chapter 7, pt2, Mon 19th Feb: AST2002_Mon_19th_Feb_2018_Chapter7_pt2

Chapter 7, pt3, Wed 21st Feb: AST2002_Wed_21st_Feb_2018_Chapter7_pt3

Chapter 8, pt1, Fri 23rd Feb: AST2002_Fri_23rd_Feb_2018_Chapter8_pt1

Chapter 8, pt2, Mon 26th Feb: AST2002_Mon_26th_Feb_2018_Chapter8_pt2

Chapter 9, pt1, Wed 28th Feb: AST2002_Wed_28th_Feb_2018_Chapter9_pt1

Chapter 9, pt2, Fri 2nd Mar: AST2002_Fri_2nd_Mar_2018_Chapter9_pt2

Mid-Term #2 Review, Mon 5th Mar: AST2002_Mon_5th_Mar_2018_Exam2_StudyGuide

Chapter 10, pt1, Fri 9th Mar: AST2002_Fri_9th_Mar_2018_Chapter10_pt1

Chapter 10, pt2, Mon 19th Mar: AST2002_Mon_19th_Mar_2018_Chapter10_pt2

Chapter 11, pt1, Wed 21st Mar: AST2002_Wed_21st_Mar_2018_Chapter11_pt1

Chapter 11, pt2, Fri 23rd Mar: Chapter11_pt2_Fri_23rd_Mar_2018

Chapter 12, pt1, Mon 26th Mar: AST2002_Mon_26th_Mar_2018_Chapter12_pt1

Chapter 12, pt2, Wed 28th Mar: AST2002_Wed_28th_Mar_2018_Chapter12_pt2

Chapter 13, pt1, Fri 30th Mar: AST2002_Fri_30th_Mar_2018_Chapter13_pt1

Chapter 13, pt2, Mon 2nd Apr: AST2002_Mon_2nd_Apr_2018_Chapter13_pt2

Chapter 13, pt3, Wed 4th Apr: AST2002_Wed_4th_Apr_2018_Chapter13_pt3

Mid-Term #3 Review, Fri 6th Apr: AST2002_Fri_6th_April_2018_Exam_3_Review ; AST2002_Fri_6th_April_2018_Exam_3_Review_v2

Chapter 14, Wed 11th Apr: AST2002_Wed_11th_Apr_2018_Chapter14

Chapters 15-16, Fri 13th Apr: AST2002_Fri_13th_Apr_2018_Chapters15-16

Chapter 17, Mon 16th Apr: AST2002_Mon_16th_Apr_2018_Chapter17

Chapter 18, Wed 18th Apr: AST2002_Wed_18th_Apr_2018_Chapter18

Chapter 19, Fri 20th Apr: AST2002_Fri_20th_Apr_2018_Chapter19

Final Exam Review, Mon 23rd Apr: AST2002_Mon_23rd_Apr_2018_Review_Chapters14-19

Final Condensed Study Guide (All Chapters), Mon 23rd Apr: Final_Exam_Study_Guide_April_2018