Who We Are

MPF, MicroDevice Prototyping Facility, is a part of the Univeristy of Central Florida’s Physics Department. Our cleanroom is a user facility open to both university and commerical users. In the time since we opened our doors, we have had over eighty users. Our current active users, greater than forty in all, hail from several colleges, departments, and companies in the Orlando area.

How We Began

Our facilities at MPF started off as a new empty building with potential. With the generous donation of equipment from Hanscom Airforce Base, we have been able to create a prototyping facility in only a few short years.

What Can We Do?

Our facilities are capable of wafer-scale fabrication including MEMS, opto-electronics, nano-photonics, semiconductor devices, and microfluidics. We have equipment for small scale photolithography, sputtering and electron beam deposition, lift-off, material growth, dry etching, characterization, and a melange of other devices. All of this is available for a small entry fee and rentable by the hour. We can also arrange for labor, machining, and a multitude of other services to make your experience with us more fruitful.

Have any questions? Please feel free to Contact us!