Getting Started

Our facilities at UCF’s Physical Sciences Building room 440 (PSB 440) use keycard access to enter lab spaces. Please follow the steps below so we can help you start your prototype fabrication today!

Getting a UCF ID Card

If you already have an ID card, student or staff. You are ready to go!

If you do not a UCF ID card, you will need to visit UCF’s Card Services.

Request Door Access

Now that you have an ID you can request door access through COSIT.

Select Physical Sciences (121): Physics Department to bring up a webform. Fill the form as prescribed. Currently, the MPF’s labs are PSB 440, PSB 103, and MSB 148. Please only select the rooms you need. Also if you are a Graduate student, Post-doc, or Faculty you may also request exterior door access to use the lab outside of standard working hours.

Instruments by Room Number
PSB 440: Headway SPin Coater, Hotplate, OAI Mask Aligner, Evan Ebeam Evaporator, MRC Sputter System, Branson Sonicator, Trion PECVD, Barrel Asher, Samco RIE, Trion RIE-ICP, STS Deep RIE, Optical Microscope, Profilometer, Probe Station, Wafer Scriber
PSB 103: Hanscom D5000 AFM, Walters SPM AFM, Hitachi SEM, Cressington Sputter System, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Optical Microscope, MicroBalances, Four-Point Probe
MSB 148: Simiran Ebeam Evaporator, Reid Thermal Evaporator, Critical Point Dryer, Tube Furnace, Oxidation Furnace, Hall Effect

Fill Out a Dossier

It’s our policy to have contact information and knowledge of a user’s training in a dossier. For this we require a recognizable photo, email and phone numbers for both yourself and your supervisor, along with information about your typical processes.

Getting Trained

To get started it is required for users to go through training on our machines, as well Environmental Health and Safety Training.

EHS Training

For Eniviromental Health and Safety Training follow the link. For those with a UCF ID, EHS training is free of charge and offered multiple times a month. It expires yearly, so it’s the user’s responsibility to keep it up to date.

General Cleanroom Training Course

Arrange a time to be trained on how our facilties operate. Everything from how our log in system works, to what our policies are. Contact us at for the current training schedule.

Machine Training

To use each machine, you need to be trained by a cleanroom technician or the Superuser. You can contact us at or use the Contact a Superuser page to setup training.

MPF Cleanroom Sign-In

To sign-in to the cleanroom, use the following link to fill out the sign-in form. The information you provide will be used to determine billing information.

MPF Contact Form

To contact MPF staff please see the contact page to email one of our technician, or use the following link to access the MPF incident reporting form below.