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Assignment #1 Register to work in the MPF cleanroom

  • If not already completed, take EHS 201 Laboratory Safety and EHS 202 Laboratory Safety Practical. EHSA Registration Tutorial
  • Fill out a dossier. Most of the dossier can remain blank as you have not been trained on the equipment yet. Once contact information has been filled out email to or print out and turn in during the next class period. If you cannot place your photo in the form with Adobe Acrobat or similar software, simply email it in.
    Dossier Creator
  • Apply for keycard access with COSIT’s Door Access Control. For this class you need keycard access to rooms PSB 109, 440. and 455.
    Door Access Control Form

This information is also listed in the “Getting Started” section for MPF Users.

Blank Traveler Sheet
Example Traveler Sheet