Become a Member!

To become an official SPIOP member you must:

  1. Pay annual membership dues
    • Send dues to on PayPal
    • Make sure you include your first and last name on the payment as a note!
    • Dues are (for the 2021-2022 academic year) $20 if paid ON TIME and $30 if paid LATE
      • Due date: October 31
    • Make sure the screen says “Paying for an item or Service”. If it says “Sending to a friend”, click on the Change to the right and select “Paying for an item or Service”. It should look like the below screencap.
    • Select “Send Payment Now”.
  2. Join SPIOP on KnightConnect
      • Sign in and make sure that you are listed as a member of SPIOP. If on the Home tab you do not see SPIOP appear under your memberships, search for “Student Professionals for Industrial Organizational Psychology” in the search bar and officially request to join our student organization.
  3. Sign up for our ListServ by clicking the “Mailing List” tab!
  4. Follow us on Social Media!
    • Instagram: @UCFSPIOP
    • Facebook: UCF SPIOP (Group)