I/O Psychology Research Labs

Employee Health & Well-Being (EHWB) Lab
The EHWB-LAB is a research laboratory in the University of Central Florida Industrial Organizational Psychology Program. We are dedicated to performing research that helps employees and organizations thrive. Visit each of the pages along the menu to learn more about our lab.


Occupational Health Psychology in Practice (OHPIP) Lab
The Occupational Health Psychology in Practice (OHPIP) Lab is a research laboratory in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program at the University of Central Florida. The lab is directed by Dr. Kristin Horan. The lab aims to perform applied research that promotes employee safety, health, and well-being by answering the following question: How can knowledge from Occupational Health Psychology be translated into practical tools for employees and organizations?


The Stressful Events and Experiences (SEE) Research Group
The Stressful Events and Experiences (SEE) Research Group is a psychology research group directed by Michael DiStaso, I/O Psychology PhD student. The SEE Research Group uses experience- and event-sampling methods to better understand citizenship behavior, counterproductive behavior, and cognition. The research group strongly supports undergraduate research involvement.


Work Stress in Context (WSC) Lab
The Work Stress in Context (WSC) Lab takes a psychological approach to understanding the relationships between work (i.e., quality, conditions, organization of work), well-being, and behavior. Our name, Work Stress in Context, conveys two key features of our research. First, we incorporate various elements of context (including individual, interpersonal, national, and temporal contexts—akin to the reporter’s questions of who, what, where, and when) into our research. Doing so allows us to understand work-related perceptions, reactions, and behaviors in the context in which they occur. It also allows us to understand how elements of context shape important well-being and behavioral outcomes. In short, our work shows that context matters. Second, our acronym “WSC” is pronounced “whisk” in a reflection of the changing nature of work. Changes in the nature of work, such as those sparked by the globalization, technologicalization, and financialization of work, yield new challenges for organizations and employees. We seek to better understand these challenges and their impact on the well-being of workers and on the performance of organizations. The goal of the lab is to promote an intellectually stimulating, supportive environment in which to produce high-quality research that explores timely and practically useful questions related to the issues described above. Research in the lab occurs at the intersections of I/O Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology, Human Resources (especially the Sustainable Human Resource movement), and Organizational Behavior. We also draw from works in Economics, Sociology, and Political Science. We use a variety of research methods, including large archival databases, field data collections, and lab studies.