Thanks to thoughtful and generous donations from alumni, community partners, and friends, the UCF College of Sciences awards numerous scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students each year. These scholarships generally provide access to free money and do not need to be repaid beyond a simple thank you. Scholarships are awarded for a variety of reasons including academic achievements, campus and community involvement, and financial need.

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College of Sciences students from all ten departments and schools are encouraged to apply for scholarships using A2O: Access to Opportunities, a system that gives you access to scholarships funded by donors specifically for students studying the social and physical sciences. Using this site, you can also gain access to hundreds of scholarships open to all majors across campus and external scholarships that have been validated by the Office of Student Financial Assistance.  You will need to complete A2O’s application once a year to automatically match with scholarships for which you qualify. Be sure to check the system periodically as scholarships may be added throughout the year.

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Latin American & Caribbean Scholarship

This award provides sponsorship by the College of Sciences for students to receive the Latin American and Caribbean Scholarship. The scholarship is a two-semester award (fall and spring) for students who are citizens of Latin America and the Caribbean to be re-classified as a Florida residents for tuition purposes.

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