July 14, 2023

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Joey Femia

Vice President, Current Programming, NBCUniversal
Bachelor of Arts, Radio and Television Production ‘12

“A lot of times we have an idea of what our dream job is and what that career is going to look like for us. But if you stay open-minded to new opportunities, you may allow yourself to make new connections that you never would have had otherwise.”

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

Jennifer Fickley-Baker

Director, Global Editorial Content, Hilton
Ph.D., Text and Technology ‘12, Master of Arts, Mass Communications ‘04

“Continually educating yourself, whether that’s through a master’s degree program, a Ph.D. program or one single course can give you experience in what’s new and what’s next so that you stay relevant throughout your career.”

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Tuesday Piper

Sustainability Project Coordinator, City of Orlando
Bachelor of Arts, Human Communication, Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies ‘22

“I think you can grow confidence in your abilities by practicing. It’s OK to fail. I know everybody says that, but it’s really true. The workforce is more forgiving than you may give it credit for. It’s OK to make mistakes, especially as someone who is new to a job. That’s how you build confidence. You just practice over and over.”

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Nicolette Sewell

Marketing and Communications Assistant Manager, Orange County Convention Center
Bachelor of Arts, Communications and Conflict ‘18

“I believe that we are supposed to be our biggest cheerleaders. However, at the same time, I think it’s very important to have cheerleaders outside of yourself. So, find a mentor and speak to professionals in your industry or in positions that you hope to get to someday.”

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Dana Snyder

Founder and CEO, Positive Equation
Bachelor of Arts, Advertising and Public Relations/English Writing ‘10

“When I was working in the corporate workforce, I would advocate for my needs through data. I would say ‘Look, we’re trying to accomplish this and these are the roadblocks I’m hitting. Or if we did this, this would allow us to reach this goal much quicker.’ So, anytime you’re advocating for yourself, know your worth, know the benefit to the organization.”

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Daniel Snyder

Video Producer, Seeking Alpha
Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications: Film/Television – Production ‘14

“I discovered after a while it was a mistake thinking I had to follow the exact path of someone else to get where I wanted to be. Most of the greatest things in my life and my career have happened to me by just remaining fluid and not trying to create a path in my mind that I really had to live up to.”