Why UCF?

Whether it’s entering academia or building a career as a practicing anthropologist, UCF is ready to help you grow. The interdisciplinary nature of the program equips students with the necessary skills to tackle the social, global and environmental challenges in today’s world.

Faculty Spotlight

Joanna Mishtal

Dr. Joanna Mishtal

Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Mishtal focuses on the politics of gender and health in Poland, Ireland, and the European Union, where she has conducted fieldwork since 2000.  She advises cultural, medical and applied anthropology Ph.D., MA, and Honors students

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Scott Branting

Dr. Scott Branting


Dr. Branting specializes in the ancient Near East and geospatial science. He directs the Kerkenes Project in central Turkey, an ancient site destroyed around 547 BC during the rise of the Persian Empire.

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J. Marla Toyne

Dr. J. Marla Toyne

Biological Anthropology

Dr. Toyne concentrates her research in Andean South America, with an emphasis on human skeletal biology, paleopathology, bioarchaeology and stable isotope science. Some of her interests include the biocultural evidence of violence and warfare; ritual activities; and ethnic identity.

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What Will I Study?

Students in UCF’s program graduate with expertise specific to their discipline and marketable skills every anthropologist needs. This includes integrative proficiency in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and either quantitative or qualitative data research. As you approach your dissertation, you and your advisor will design a third proficiency, including languages, isotope analysis, human skeletal analysis, digital anthropology, ceramic work and computer programming among other possibilities. Students will become engaged scholars and practitioners commanding an array of skills to address today’s evolving landscape.

Ready to learn more? Contact Graduate Program Director Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster or Graduate Admissions Specialist Tiffany Chestnut.

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Student Spotlight

Rachael Root

Rachael Root is a Ph.D. student in UCF Department of Anthropology’s new Integrative Sciences doctoral program. Her dissertation research examines the connections between identity and degree completion in higher education in the state of Yucatán, México, with Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster advising. Her previous research includes examining how players accumulate and negotiate power in World of Warcraft player versus player instances, and the social functions of mini tiendas (stores) in a small fishing village in Ecuador. Rachael has also taught a variety of classes in anthropology and UCF’s new student experience program. After graduation she plans to continue working in academia.

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