Dr. Joanna Mishtal is a cultural anthropologist.  Her research focuses on the politics of gender and health in Poland, Ireland, and the European Union, where she has been conducting fieldwork since 2000.  She advises cultural and applied anthropology graduate MA students and Honors students in a variety of projects mainly situated in Florida. 

Working with Dr. Mishtal:

Joanna Mishtal
I am dedicated to advising and mentoring students in independently-designed research with human subjects.  My advising approach is individualized and student-centered:  I work with students one-on-one to help them develop their own research projects that have a strong scholarly and academic merit, but are also intellectually stimulating and interesting to my students.  I also work with students to help them publish their theses’ results and present their work at conferences.  Students may contact me at joanna.mishtal@ucf.edu to discuss their interests.

Dr. Mishtal is looking for graduate students with interest in:

  • Cultural anthropology
  • Applied anthropology
  • Medical anthropology
  • Power and politics
  • Social inequalities
  • Health and culture
  • Religion and health
  • Gender

Examples of research projects conducted by Dr. Mishtal’s students:

  • homeless persons’ experiences in Central Florida
  • spirituality and health among yoga practitioners in South Florida
  • cultural aspects of sleep among college students
  • beliefs about exercise and pregnancy
  • cultural competence in medical education
  • perspectives of Evangelical pastors on mega-church culture
  • health providers’ understanding of men’s health needs
  • perceptions of sexuality and morality among college students


Gdansk, Poland
Warsaw, Poland
Krawkow, Poland
Girl Scouts
Corpus Christi
Gdansk shipyard
Sunday market
Dublin, Ireland