Starting on Monday, August 9th the advising office staff will be returning to campus.

Students will be permitted to schedule in-person advising appointments or phone appointments. Masks are expected for in-person appointments. If you’d prefer not to wear a mask, we highly encourage a phone appointment.

We will be maintaining social distancing and only a small amount of chairs will be provided in the waiting area. We also strongly encourage returning and new students to get vaccinated for the safety of everyone within the UCF community.

We will not be able to facilitate walk in advising so all appointments will continue on an appointment-only basis.

Advising staff will do their best to assist students in a timely manner, but rude or disparaging behavior will not be tolerated. Any students being disruptive will be asked to leave our office and will be reported to Student Conduct if necessary.


If you are not able to enroll or place yourself on a waitlist for a class, please see below for the possible reasons and how to proceed:

  • Non-degree seeking students: You are not a current degree-seeking student at UCF.
    • You must wait until the Friday before the class begins to request an override. On this date, please email with the “information needed for an override” below and proof of pre-requisites if applicable.
  • Missing pre-requisites: You have not completed the pre-requisites or transcripts from a previous or transient institution have not been processed by UCF.
    1. If you have the instructor’s consent to take the course without the pre-requisite, please email the “information needed for an override” below to along with email proof from the professor and a PDF copy of your degree audit.
    2. If you have proof that you have completed, are currently completing, or planning to complete the pre-requisite at a different institution, please use the online override system here: NOTE that for Q15 you will need to upload proof of pre-requisites. You can provide a screenshot, word doc, or pdf of unofficial transcripts, degree audit, etc.
    3. You believe you have the pre-requisites and they’re appearing on your myUCF system, but you are enrolled in a major that does not require the class you are attempting to register for or it is a restricted elective for your major.
      • If the class is not required for your major – send the “information needed for an override” below to on the Friday before the class begins. These classes are reserved for students who require it for their major. This is regardless of whether the course is a pre-requisite for any graduate or professional school plans.
      • If the class is a restricted elective for your major, please email the “information needed for an override” below to now for Fall 2021 and on Monday, November 29th for the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Time conflict: The class you are trying to enroll in is overlapping with another course. You’ll need to obtain consent from both instructors of the classes that overlap, and email them to with the “information needed for an override” below. Time conflict overrides cannot be provided if one of the courses is waitlisted.
  • Term unit load: You’d like to register for more than 14 credits during the Summer or more than 17 credits for the Fall or Spring. You’ll need to email with the “information needed for an override” below only if you are a Biology major and a PDF copy of degree audit showing that your UCF and Major GPAs are at least 3.0.


Information needed for an override:

  1. Last name, First name
  2. UCF ID
  3. Major and Knights email address
  4. Phone number
  5. The semester and year you would like to be enrolled in the course (ex. Fall 2020)
  6. Name of course you would like to take AND the following information. NOTE: Please choose an open or waitlisted section if available. If you choose a waitlisted section the override will simply place you on the waitlist for the course. If the section is closed the form will not be able to be processed at all. You cannot be added to closed sections.
    • Course code
    • Section number (i.e. 0001 or 0M04)
    • Class number (This is a five-digit number. You can find it on the far left, before section number, when searching for classes on myUCF)
    • Credit hours
  1. Is there a lab associated with the course? If yes, please include the following information as well.
  2. Lab section number
  3. Lab class number
  4. NOTE: please choose an open lab section if available. If you choose a waitlisted section the override will place you on the waitlist for BOTH the lecture and lab. If the section is closed the form will not be processed at all. This override will not add you to closed sections.

Late Adds

You must obtain instructor permission for a late add. If an override would have been required during the regular enrollment period, an override will still be required. Please see above to determine how to proceed with the type of override you need.

More information can be found here:


  1. Are students required to take the Biology exit exam on campus or can it be taken online?
    • At this time, the Biology exit exam is only being administered on campus through the University Testing Center.
  2. Will students be returning to campus for Fall?
    • As of February 2021, the university is planning to resume classes as normal for Fall 2021.

These are unprecedented circumstances and we appreciate your patience as we make all necessary services available.