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pdf Syllabus (August, 2013)



Instructions for exercises

Introduction to Probability

pdf Exercise 1a

Random variables and Probability distributions

pdf Probability distributions – R demo (1)

pdf Ellison and Dennis 2010 (1)

pdf Exercise 1b

Managing and curating data

pdf Managing and curating data – R demo (2)

pdf Burgman 2011 (2)

pdf Metadata Hypericum cumulicola

icon data Hypericum cumulicola

pdf Exercise 2

Experimental design woodlice
Summary Statistics and sampling

pdf Law Large Numbers – R demo (3)

pdf Analysis of Averages – R demo (3)

pdf Hurlbert 1984 (3)

icon data Hypericum cumulicola height

icon data Hypericum cumulicola population level

Rlogo law large numbers

Rlogo Central limit theorem

Rlogo Analysis of Averages

pdf Exercise 3

Statistical models


Confidence intervals

pdf Confidence intervals – R demo (4)

pdf Fidler et al 2006 (4)

Rlogo Confidence intervals

pdf Exercise 4


Three Frameworks for Statistical Analysis

pdf Three frameworks- R demo (5)

pdf Crowley 1992 (5)


icon dataAnt Nest Data.txt

pdf Exercise 5

icon dataData for exercise 5

Simple linear Regression

pdf Regression – R demo (6)

pdf Ellison 2004 (6)

Rlogo Regression.R

icon data Regression_data

pdf Exercise 6

icon data Data for exercise 6

Transformations burro
Useful properties of the normal distribution
pdf Normal distribution

Rlogo t-distribution in R

Rlogo F-distribution in R

Exam 1
pdf Exam 1 Questions

icon dataBirds

icon dataSaxifraga

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Multiple Regression

pdf Multiple regression – R demo (7)

pdf Stephens et al 2007 (7)

Rlogo multiple regression R

icon data Data regression

pdf Exercise 7

Model selection

pdf Model Selection – R demo (8)

pdf Johnson & Omland 2008 (8)

Rlogo Snake data

icon data Snake dat.txt

RlogoLinear vs. polynomial

pdf Exercise 8

icon data Data for Exercise 8

Bibliography model selection

pdf Arnod 2010 pdf Doherty et al 2010 pdf Hutto 2012 pdf Lukacs et al 2010

pdf Lukacs et al 2007 pdf Burham & Anderson 2004 pdf Plowright et al 2008 pdf Stamps et al 2005

General linear models (ANOVA)

pdf General linear models – R demo (9)

pdf Bolker et al 2008 (9)

Rlogo ANOVA scrip

icon data ANOVA data

pdf Exercise 9

icon data Data for Exercise 9

Nested and Block designs
pdf ANOVA block/nested – R demo

Rlogo ANOVA block/nested script

icon data ANOVA block data

icon data ANOVA nested data

pdf Exercise X

icon data Data for Exercise

icon data Data for Exercise

Factorial designs

pdf ANOVA factorial – R demo

Rlogo ANOVA factorial

icon data ANOVA data for R factorial design

icon data ANOVA excell factorial data

pdf Exercise Y

icon data Data for Exercise

General linear models (ANCOVA) 

pdfANCOVA – R demo (10)

pdf Hoenig and Heisey 2001 (10)

Rlogo Ancova script

icon data Ancova data

pdf Exercise 10

icon data Data for Exercise 10

tiger fish

Regression of counts

(Non-normal errors)

RlogoSnakes scripticon dataSnakes data

RlogoMantis script

icon dataMantis data

Multiple Comparisons

pdf Day and Quinn 1989 (11)

pdf Dunnett table

Rlogo Multiple comparisons – R demo (11)

icon data Multiple comparisons data

pdf Exercise 11

icon data Data for Exercise 11

Logistic Regression

pdfLogistic Regression – R demo (12)

pdf the logit transformation

pdf Colegrave and Ruxtom 2002 (12)

Rlogo Logistic Regression – R demo (12)

icon data Hypericum survival

pdf Exercise 12

icon data Data for Exercise 12

Analysis of Categorical Data

pdf Categorical analysis – R demo (13)

pdf pdf Johnson 1999, 2005 (13)

Rlogo Analysis of categorical data

Rlogo Bayesian – loglinear

icon dataSinclair

pdf Exercise 13

icon data Data for Exercise 13

Final Exam pdf Final Exam icon dataWiregrass

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