Areas of Research

  • Roles of nitric oxide in microbial physiology
  • Metalloenzymology – intermediate trapping and mechanism
  • Natural product biosynthesis
  • Physiological roles of bacterial natural products

Our current arsenal of antibiotics may soon be obsolete with the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, thereby requiring the discovery and development of new antibiotics. To provide new antibiotics and other drug candidates, our lab, led by Dr. Caranto, studies the biosynthesis of bacterial natural products (NPs). We use interdisciplinary approaches to 1) discover new NPs and their biosynthetic pathways, 2) detect new enzymatic activities, and 3) elucidate enzyme mechanisms using millisecond-mixing techniques and spectroscopies from the bioinorganic toolkit. The estimated number of NPs that remain to be discovered is astronomical. To focus our research, we study enzymes that catalyze nitrations, N–N bond formations, or require nitric oxide for their activities.

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