July 16, 2019

Placement Exam

To register for CHM 2045C, you must earn a passing score in the Chemistry Placement Test WebCourse.  Students interested in majors that require CHM 2045 are recommended to take this test.  For majors that require only CHS 1440C, the placement test is not required, however, CHS 1440C will not satisfy the pre-requisite for CHM 2046.

To register for the Chemistry Placement Exam, visit your UCF Student Home Page at my.ucf.edu and Log In. In your Student Self Service section, scroll down to User Settings- there you will find a link to register for Placement Exams, including the Chemistry Placement Test, via WebCourses.


Once you register for the Chemistry Placement Test, it will appear in your Dashboard in webcourses.ucf.edu.  This course contains the exam as the only assignment and the home page of that course includes complete instructions, a description of the exam, and the score required to pass.  Please make sure that you read the instructions carefully before entering the exam.

If you are unsure of whether your major requires Chemistry, you can view a list of required courses in your Major’s course catalog.

If you have questions concerning the Chemistry Placement test, please contact the Chemistry Department via chemplacement@ucf.edu.

If you require SAS accommodations, please make sure you contact Student Accessibility Services when registering for the Placement Exam and notify us accordingly.

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