Bill Nye Encourages Students to Help ‘Change the World’

March 16, 2016 – By Daniela Marin

NSC Bill Nye - After story

Bill Nye the Science Guy listens to a student’s question after his seminar on March 15. – Daniela Marin


With the same bow tie, sense of humor and knack for explaining things, Bill Nye the Science Guy broke down a new topic at the University of Central Florida on March 15 – changing the world.

On the same day as the Florida presidential primaries, a crowd of nearly 1,000 people, young and old, sat in the Pegasus Ballroom to hear Nye’s message.

Some of the guests were donning bow ties themselves, and attended because of Nye’s role as a childhood hero, but walked away with a reminder of the importance of scientific discovery and environmental sustainability.

“While you’re addressing climate change, while you’re voting in the primaries, while you’re influencing the course of human history, don’t lose sight of this optimistic view of the future that comes from exploration,” Nye told the crowd.

The event marked the annual community summit on the environment and global climate change hosted by the Global Perspectives Office and UCF’s Unifying Theme.

Nye’s visit to UCF is the result of a campus-wide community effort involving 14 co-sponsors that has been in the works for a year, according to Jessica Gagnon, assistant director of the Global Perspectives Office.

Nye’s latest book, “Unstoppable,” discusses the reality of climate change and encourages societies to work together to find innovative solutions through science. That, and nostalgia, made Nye the perfect speaker for the event, Gagnon said.

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