COS Celebrates 27 New Ph.D. Graduates

On Friday, Dec. 18, 12 new Ph.D. students graduated from the College of Sciences. A special graduation reception was held to congratulate the graduates on Thursday, Dec. 17. The event was held in the afternoon in the Physical Sciences building. Family members of the graduates, faculty advisors and members of the Dean’s office staff were in attendance.

Michael Johnson, Ph.D.,  Dean of the College of Sciences, and Teresa Dorman, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the College of Sciences, spoke to the new graduates, congratulating them on their achievements. Following the presentation, they celebrated with champagne, toasting to the continued success of the Ph.D. graduates.

Congratulations to our Fall 2015 Ph.D. Graduates!


Dissertation: “Development of a nano-sensing approach and a portable prototype for real-time detection and quantification of free mercury in stream-flow: combining science and engineering in pro of the environment”

Dissertation: “Quantum Chemical Studies for the Engineering of Metal Organic Materials”

Dissertation: “Optimization of Molecular Beacon-based Multicomponent Probes for Analysis of Nuclei Acids”

Modeling and Simulation

Dissertation: “An Exploratory Comparison of a Traditional and Adaptive Instructional Approach for College Algebra”


Dissertation: “Translocation of a semiflexible polymer through a nanopore.”

Dissertation: “Observations, Thermochemical Calculations, and Modeling of Exoplanetary Atmospheres”

Dissertation: “Attosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules”

Dissertation: “Characterizing Exoplanet Atmsopheres: From Light‐curve Observations to Radiative‐transfer Modeling”

Dissertation: “A Microscopic Theory of the Knight shift”

Dissertation: “Theoretical and Computational Studies of the Electronic, Structural, Vibrational, and Thermodynamic Properties of Transition Metal Nanoparticles”

Dissertation: “Convective Heat Transfer Driven By The Buoyancy Force and the Magnetic Body Force on Quasi-One-Dimentional Magnetic Fluid in Horizontal Field and Temperature Gradients”

Dissertation: “A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Physical and Chemical Properties of Solid Nanoscale Interfaces”

Dissertation: “Mid-infrared plasmonics”

Dissertation: “Vanadium Oxide Microbolometers with Patterned Gold Black or Plasmonic Resonant Absorbers”

Dissertation: “Impact of Gamma-Irradiation on the characteristics of III-N/GaN based High Electron Mobility Transistors”


Dissertation: “Examining the impact of a fatigue intervention on job performance: A longitudinal study across United States hospitals”

Dissertation: “Configural Displays: The Effects of Salience on Multi‐Level Data Extraction”

Dissertation: “The Effect of Traumatic Brain Injury on Exposure Therapy in Veterans with Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”

Dissertation: “Friend and Informant Characteristics Associated with the Agreement among Adolescent and Friend Ratings of Behavior Problems”

Dissertation: “Integration of Multidimensional Signal Detection Theory with Fuzzy Signal Detection Theory”

Dissertation: “Mental Rotation: Can familiarity alleviate the effects of complex backgrounds?”

Dissertation: “Effects of Signal Probability on Multitasking-Based Distraction in Driving, Cyberattack & Battlefield Simulation”

Dissertation: “Enhancing the effectiveness of human-robot teaming with a closed-loop system”

Dissertation: “Who is the best judge of personality: Investigating the role of relationship depth and observational breadth on the accuracy of third-party ratings.”

Dissertation: “Detecting Threats From Constituent Parts: A Fuzzy Signal Detection Theory Analysis Of Individual Differences”


Dissertation: “The Interspecies Family: Attitudes and Narratives”

Dissertation: “Can I Get an Amen? Central Florida Black Pastors’ Perceptions of the Impact of the Black Church in the Black Community.”

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