COS Students Recognized for Undergraduate Research

Research, OURSo far this year, three College of Sciences’ students have been honored with the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award.

Each month, university wide, one student is rewarded for their time and effort spent researching a subject of their choice.

During their research, students work with a mentor that guides them and helps during the process. With their mentor’s approval the research is submitted for review by the Student Undergraduate Research Council.

In January, Analise McGreal received the DURA for her research project titled ‘Trauma Management Therapy (TMT) Program.’ She worked under the mentorship of both Dr. Deborah Beidel and Dr. Sandra Neer from the psychology department. Both of her mentors currently work on the staff for the Trauma Management Therapy Program through UCF RESTORES.

In March, Joanna Borrisova was awarded for her research project titled ‘Analyzing the Factors that Influence Dental Anxiety.’ Her mentor was Dr. Fernando Rivera from the sociology department.

In April, Julie Deslauriers was awarded for her research project ‘Minimum Dosage of Acetic Acid Needed to Eradicate Aquarium Chaetomorpha.’ Her mentor was Dr. Linda Walters from the biology department.

More information about the award and past recipients can be found at the Office of Undergraduate Research website.

This article will be updated as more students from the College of Sciences receive the award.


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