Down Under With the Dark Triad

jonasonTraveling halfway around the world, Dr. Peter Jonason will be speaking to UCF about “The Dark Triad at Work.”

From the University of Western Sydney, Dr. Jonason received his Ph.D. in social psychology in 2009 from New Mexico State University. He is now a senior lecturer in personality or individual differences in Australia. He is also a leading expert in evolutionary psychological models of mate choice, sex differences, and “dark” aspects of personality.

All are welcome to attend Tuesday afternoon as he discusses the Dark Triad traits that describe behavioral or attitudinal tendencies characterized by vanity and self-centeredness, manipulations and cynicism, callous social attitudes and impulsivity.

According to research, the Dark Triad traits can play roles in workplace manipulation. Dr. Jonason has examined the vocational interests of those high in the Dark Triad traits. He has also researched how these traits predispose individuals to perceive situations as competitive, prestigious, and comprised of restrictions which differentially predict job satisfaction.

Collectively, the studies suggest that those high on these traits have a unique way of orienting towards work that may be consistent with the priorities that come with being high on the Dark Triad traits.

To learn more about his fascinating topic of research attend his talk on Tuesday, February 24 at 3:15 in the College of Sciences Building room 101.

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