New Anthropology Certificate Allows Career Expansion

Hands around globeStarting this fall, the anthropology department will be offering a new certificate giving students the opportunity to pursue the study of the growing field of global health.

“The most interesting aspect of this certificate is the engagement with the rapidly growing importance and concern about global health issues, including emergent “superbugs” such as Ebola, refugee health, organ trafficking, and global mental health,” Dr. Joanna Mishtal, associate professor, said.

The Anthropology of Global Health Certificate offers not only topics of immediate interest to students, but also knowledge that is relevant to the larger issues emerging on the international arena.

The certificate has been developed to spark students’ interest in the important area of knowledge and careers in health. It is a crucial aspect of development, security and human rights efforts worldwide and is the focus of the work of numerous public, private, non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

Upon completion of the Anthropology of Global Health Certificate, students will be well positioned to pursue any health-related career field or graduate training in public health, medical anthropology, nursing, medicine, social work, public policy, health administration, and humanitarian work.

“We hope that by offering the global health certificate we are enhancing UCF students’ ability to engage in, and contribute to, shaping our future health and well-being,” Mishtal said.

For more information on the program, please click here.

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