Sociology Professor’s Work Goes Worldwide

sociologyProvost’s Distinguished Research & Pegasus Professor in the sociology department, Dr. James Wright, has recently been published by Elsevier.

His book titled “International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences” was published this month after five years of intensive work. It offers a source of social and behavioral sciences reference material that is broader and deeper than many other similar publications. It consists of over 3,900 articles, commissioned by 71 section editors and includes 90,000 bibliographic references as well as comprehensive name and subject indexes.

The first edition of this book was published in 2001. In recognition of the remarkable growth of the social and behavioral sciences outside of Europe and North America since then, a second book was published to increase the internationalism of the work

To help incorporate this international sense, editors from across the globe were drawn for production. While in the first edition, nine countries were represented. Two-thirds of those editors were from the United States and only 13 percent were women. Now, editors for the new edition represent 21 countries U.S. scholars make up only 38 percent total and 36 percent were women.

Nations represented in second edition, but not the first edition include Luxembourg, Greece, Finland, Japan, China, Ireland, Singapore, Spain, Russia, Austria, Israel and the Netherlands.

To learn more about his book, click here to read an article from Wright himself.

We would like to congratulate Wright on his hard work and incredible accomplishment.

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