Phil Metzger

January 10, 2024
Phil Metzger helped establish the Swampworks lab at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. His research has pioneered understanding the result of rocket exhaust on the surfaces of the Moon and asteroids and is helping pave the way for future robotic and human exploration of the Moon. Dr. Metzger is a scientist at the Florida Space Institute […]

Dan Britt

March 10, 2022
Dr. Daniel Britt is the Pegasus Professor of Astronomy and Planetary Sciences at the Department of Physics, University of Central Florida.  He was educated at the University of Washington and Brown University, receiving a Ph.D. from Brown in 1991.  He has served on the science teams of four NASA missions, Mars Pathfinder and Deep Space […]

Joshua Colwell

March 10, 2022
Josh Colwell was the founding Director of the Hawking Center and has led numerous microgravity experiments on the U.S. Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and multiple suborbital rocket flights. He was also a Co-Investigator on the International Cassini mission to Saturn.