Undergraduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security

Beginning Fall 2016, this certificate introduces students to the fundamentals of intelligence and national security, and allows for students to specialize in one or more different areas that are appropriate for a career in these fields.  This certificate will be helpful for students majoring in any field who are interested in careers in intelligence and national security, and particularly for students in Political Science, International and Global Studies, and Criminal Justice.

Minor Admission Requirements


Minor Requirements
  • A grade of “C” (2.0) or better for all classes is required in courses counting towards the certificate.
  • At least 9 hours used in the certificate must be taken at UCF.
  • No credit by exam (TSD, Military credit) may be used.
  • Internships, independent study and substitute courses/new courses are allowed at the director’s discretion (for a maximum of 3 credit hours).
Prerequisite Courses

Students must satisfy each course’s prerequisites before enrolling in the class.


For administrative questions, contact the Undergraduate Senior Admissions Specialist:
(e.g. When are these classes offered? How will this work with my degree program?)
Nick Schenk

For academic questions, contact the Undergraduate Program Advisor:
(e.g. Is this class a good fit for my career interests? Can I have more information on what a specific class entails?)
Victoria Maxwell

Total Credit Hours Required—12
Core Courses – 6 credit hours
INR2002International Relations - Theory and Practice
INR4364The Intelligence Community
Electives – 6 credit hours (choose two)
CCJ4076Crime Intelligence and Investigative Support Analysis
CCJ4641Organized Crime
CCJ4644White Collar Crime
CCJ4651Drugs and Crime
CJT3803Security Management
CJT3821Practical Security Applications
COM4416Terrorism and Communication
CPO3034Politics of Developing Areas
CPO3057Contemporary Revolution and Political Violence
CPO3403Politics of the Middle East
CPO3614Politics of Eastern Europe
CPO4303Comparative Latin American Politics
CPO4514Politics of East Asia
CPO4541Chinese Politics
CPO4643Government and Politics of Russia
DSC4013Homeland Security and Criminal Justice
INR3253International Politics of Africa
INR4060Causes of War
INR4076Global Drug Policy
INR4083War and Violent Politics
INR4084Politics of International Terrorism
INR4104Topics and Cases in American Foreign Policy
INR4114American Security Policy
INR4115Strategic Weapons and Arms Control
INR4224Contemporary International Politics of Asia
INR4333International Security
INR4335Coercion in International Politics
INR4744Militaries in World Politics
INR4764Cyberwarfare Policy
POS4206Political Psychology
SYP3511Sociology of Murder
SYP4521Crime Victims in Society
SYP4550Patterns of Drug Abuse in Society