There are many opportunities to hear from and interact with members of the intelligence community at events such as the IC CAE Speaker Series and IC CAE sponsored workshops. The IC CAE conducts several such events throughout the year. Our speakers are experts in intelligence and national security, and they are often active members of the intelligence community. We also invite academics and private sector employees to discuss current research and trends relevant to intelligence and national security. Topics range from basic practices in the intelligence community, to area specific topics, to specialized topics. Past events have covered things such as technology and cyber conflict, violence in counterinsurgency, terrorism, and food security.

The IC CAE has hosted speakers from various government agencies including the CIA, FBI, DIA, Department of Energy’s Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, the Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, and the National Counterterrorism Center. We have been honored to host high ranking officials such as the former deputy director if the FBI. Our academic speakers have come from prestigious schools such as Harvard, and their areas of expertise cover a diverse range of topics and regions. Private sector employees from technology corporations and other companies bring a different perspective on the changing marketplace and the impact it has on security.

Events are occasionally cosponsored by other offices at UCF which allows us to bring in a diverse range of speakers. Cosponsors have included the Global Perspectives Office, the Computer Science Department, the Modeling and Simulation Graduate Program, and UCF’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Club.