As the national ICCAE program evolves, one of the first goals was to standardize the requirements for what we call Participants and Scholars, given said statuses can have tangible benefits attached to them in the form of priority applications, exclusive internships, etc. While a list of standardized requirements was developed, it was up to each participating school to come up with its own way of implementing them.

So we at the Central Florida Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence is proud to present our Passport Program! This handy document is a pocket-sized reference for everything you need to know about the new Participant and Scholarship requirements: from its requirements to its benefits, as well as handy information about other aspects of the ICCAE program like deadlines for all of our awards.

While this was originally developed as a hard-copy, physical document, in these times we wanted to ensure this was available in digital form, so you can download it below. Among the requirements to achieve Scholar status will be to attend ICCAE events, so after filling out the passport with your information remember to mail it to the e-mail account to get it digitally “stamped”. Once you have all your required events stamped and meet the other requirements, you become eligible for all the benefits of ICCAE scholar status!