Graduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security

The graduate certificate in Intelligence and National Security provides an interdisciplinary graduate education for people engaged in or seeking professional careers in intelligence policy with a focus on analysis of security threats or crises, both domestic and international, through use of human, electronic and public domain intelligence sources. In addition, students will be introduced to various analytic approaches including game theory, network analysis, nonintrusive measurement, geospatial approaches, and quantitative analysis. Graduates are prepared to perform “key functions including conducting research and gathering information, identifying intelligence gaps, interpreting and evaluating information from multiple (and sometimes contradictory) sources, monitoring trends and events related to a particular country or issue, and preparing written and oral assessments.” This expectation comes from the job description for an intelligence analyst established by the federal government.

Applicants must apply through the UCF Graduate Online Application. Separate applications must be completed for the certificate and for other programs of study. The Graduate Certificate in Intelligence and National Security is now available.

The Certificate in Intelligence and National Security consists of 18 credit hours at the graduate level, including two required core courses and four electives. All courses are 3 credit hours.

For administrative questions, contact the Graduate Senior Admissions Specialist:
Kyrie Ottaviani

For academic questions, contact the Graduate Certificate Advisor:
Andrew Boutton

Core Courses – 6 credit hours

Choose one:

POS6736Conduct of Political Inquiry
POS6746Quantitative Methods in Political Research
CCJ6704Research Methods in Criminal Justice

AND choose one:

INR6365Seminar on Intelligence
INR6366The Intelligence Community

Electives – 12 credit hours

AND choose four:

CCJ6027Criminal Justice Responses to Terrorism
CCJ6067Perspectives on Genocide
CCJ6074Investigative and Intelligence Analysis: Theory and Methods
CJE6688Cyber Crime and Criminal Justice
CPO6058Revolution and Political Violence
INR6068Politics of Civil Wars
INR6069International Drug Policy
INR6726Political Behavior in International Conflict
INR6108Seminar in American Foreign Policy
INR6136Seminar in American Security Policy
INR6137Terrorism and Politics
INR6365Seminar on Intelligence
INR6366The Intelligence Community
INR6346Politics of International Terrorism
POS6743Geographic Tools for Political Science