Students majoring in the Social Sciences B.S. program are provided with interdisciplinary breadth and depth in the Social Sciences as they fulfill the requirements of three separate social science minors of their choice (from Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Communication, Anthropology, and Women’s and Gender Studies), a statistics course, and a research methods course. The program works to develop a student’s program in a manner that will lead to academic success in the degree program and subsequent employment in a career track or acceptance to graduate or professional school.  Our stakeholders are our majors as well as employers who hire and graduate programs that admit our students.

The Social Science major supports UCF’s goal of offering the best undergraduate education available in Florida by allowing students flexibility to create their own unique set of classes that is absent in discipline-specific programs. Further, our program directly contributes to UCF’s strategic plan by developing knowledge, analytical and application abilities, and a critical appreciation of core values including integrity and ethics, mathematical fluency, diversity and inclusiveness, and global and cultural matters. To learn more about how our program supports UCF’s goals, please explore our website or contact the Coordinator, Mike Armato at