How many minors must I select?

Three. However, these must be from different departments. For example, you couldn’t do a minor in medical sociology and general sociology.

Do they have to be from different departments?

Yes. No 2 minors can be from the same department.

Why does my audit say “Not Satisfied” even though I completed the minor?

For Social Sciences B.S. majors, the myKnight audit will read “At Least One Declared Program Not Satisfied” if any declared major or minor requirements are still in progress. Example: If a student has completed all requirements for the major except in one of the minors, each status of the audit will reflect as not satisfied. This will remain the status until all declared programs are satisfied.

What is the Social Sciences exit exam?

All Social Sciences majors must take a multiple choice exam during their last semester at UCF in order to graduate. It is not necessary to “pass” but failure to complete the exam will put a hold on your graduation.

You will be contacted through your knights email when it is time to take the exam. The exam is online through Webcourses and must be completed by the assigned deadline.

Am I required to take college level foreign language?

No addition language requirement is needed beyond that for your General Education program.

Who is my assigned advisor?

Dr. Mike Armato ( is your major (Social Sciences) advisor.

You must also see department of minor for advising on that minor.

Your College advisor is your expert on university policy and procedures. Your College advisor is the College of Sciences Academic Services ( or call 407-823-6131).

Can the degree be completed online?

Yes! Beginning Spring 2017, Social Sciences B.S. is now part of UCF Online. To learn more about UCF Online and determine if you are eligible to participate in the program, click here.

Even if you’re not eligible for the UCF Online program, you may take online classes or complete minors online.

Please note, the departments cannot guarantee online sections of all courses will be available each semester. Check the current class schedule through myUCF for course selections, or contact the department of the minor.

The following minors are available online:


Anthropology in Multicultural Studies

General Anthropology


Journalism Studies

Mass Communication

Political Science:

International and Global Studies

Political Science


General Psychology


Crime, Law, and Deviance

Diversity and Social Inequality

Mass Culture and Collective Behavior

Medical Sociology


Women’s and Gender Studies:

Women’s and Gender Studies