The Social Sciences B.S. is offered online. This major is designed for distance students. Learn more about UCF Online here. The following minors are available online and can be used to complete the online degree at UCF:

What is UCF Online?

UCF Online offers award winning undergraduate degrees online to meet the diverse needs of Florida’s growing population. By providing high-quality distance learning options, UCF can assist students who cannot attend classes in earning a bachelor’s degree. Students who participate in a fully online program at UCF can save money through campus-based fee reduction. This allows students to receive a quality learning experience without having to pay for on-campus services they will not utilize (Student Health Services and others). UCF Online students are also supported by success coaching to assist with all aspects of academic life from admissions to graduation and more.

Are you interested in determining eligibility into UCF Online-Social Sciences B.S.? Review the eligibility checklist below to get started.

Are you eligible for UCF Online? To be eligible, you must be able to answer “yes” to each of the following questions:
  • Are you new to UCF? Students who are new to UCF are eligible to participate in UCF Online.
  • Are you a transfer student? UCF Online is available to students transferring from a partner state or community college with an A.A. degree. Students transferring from another institution will be reviewed and considered through UCF Online.
  • Have you taken all your courses at UCF online? If you’ve taken even one face-to-face course at UCF, you are not eligible for UCF Online.
  • Are you willing to give up services and access to campus facilities such as the Co-Rec and Health Center, or pay out of pocket for these? It is less expensive to complete your degree through UCF Online because students do not pay fees for campus services, therefore these services are not available to UCF Online students (you can still pay out of pocket for parking, the Co-Rec, health center, etc.). For more information about fees and tuition for online students, go here:
  • Can you work independently in an online environment? Online courses are not for everyone. Some students only thrive when they have frequent face-to-face contact professors and other students. To succeed in this program, you must be very comfortable communicating online, able to structure your schedule and manage time well.
What services are available to me as an Online student?
  • Library Services: You will receive full online access to the UCF Libraries, including catalog and multiple databases, and access to the interlibrary loan program.
  • Academic Resources: The Student Academic Resource Center Online provides peer-assisted learning, a study skills inventory and course-specific resources to help you succeed.
  • Writing Center: The University Writing Center offers real-time, online consultations with tutors, who can help with all aspects of the writing process, from simple grammatical questions to more complex writing challenges.
  • Career Services: The programs provided by Career Services helps students effectively plan careers; develop personal, academic and work competencies, gain professional employment, and much more.
  • Advisement: You will be assigned a Student Success Coach who will serve as your advocate and guide through your UCF Online experience. Students should always start with their Student Success Coach who will help guide them through the question process. In addition, the Social Sciences Director and Academic Assistant are available to answer questions about the major.