The Social Sciences are a cluster of academic disciplines that focus on human society and interpersonal relationships. Each of the disciplines within the social sciences provides a critical view of the social world and enables one to analyze and understand how societies work. The disciplines that are considered part of the social sciences include sociology, anthropology, political science, communications, psychology, and gender studies.


The Social Sciences B.S. degree is an interdisciplinary program. Students are provided with interdisciplinary breadth and depth in the Social Sciences as they fulfill the requirements of three separate social science minors of their choice, a statistics course, and a methodology course.

The Social Science major offers students more flexibility in building their own college experience than nearly any other program on campus. No other program, for example, would allow a student to study North American Indians with a focus on their unique organizational communication structure along with a sociological understanding of the discrimination this group has endured and the effects that it has had on their current culture.

Students who choose this major need to be self-driven and prepared to explore three social sciences disciplines. These areas open to exploration are Anthropology, Communication, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s and Gender Studies.

What a Social Sciences degree offers:

Broader perspective: Students can delve deeply into multiple areas of study and view a problem in a multi-disciplinary way
Freedom to explore: It’s possible to analyze a situation or problem from multiple perspectives.
Flexibility: Because you choose your areas of concentration, it’s often easier to arrange your schedule and take courses that interest you the most
Job preparation: You’ll learn to think “outside the box,” a highly needed skill in today’s ever-changing economy
Preparation for further study: You’ll gain a solid understanding of multiple disciplines and be well prepared for graduate studies in any of the fields.