Alexander Mantzaris is an Associate Professor for the Statistics & Data Science Department. His research career began with investigating Bayesian methodologies which could improve the prediction accuracy in detecting horizontal gene transfer in bacteria DNA sequence alignments (2006-2010). The first research post he held involved applying machine learning techniques in a project devoted to studying the sonar behavior in bats to uncover the mechanisms in which they utilize it so effectively. Subsequently and thereon afterwards the work that has focused the majority of the research he is involved with is in the area of network science, big data, ad hoc network analysis, data analytics and social behavior online. He has also been a reviewer board member for the journal, Information since early 2020.

Dr. Mantzaris is currently a topic editor for the journal, Electronics ( and if you have any questions or ideas for a special issue, please contact him. The topics can cover big data for IoT, processing capabilities, ML for constrained systems etc.