Graduate Degree Options

The department of Statistics and Actuarial Science offers one Master of Science degree in Statistical Computing with two different tracks as well as a graduate certificate in Data Mining.

Master of Science – Data Mining Track

Data Mining is the process of exploration and analysis of large quantities of observational data in order to discover meaningful patterns and models. The award-winning Data Mining Program at the University of Central Florida offers an established educational environment complemented with ongoing industrial collaborations. More Information

Master of Science – Statistical Computing

The Master of Science degree program in Statistical Computing provides a sound foundation in statistical theory, statistical methods, and in the application of computer methodology to statistical analyses.Statistical methods are commonly developed in a particular context but find successful adaptation in completely different settings.Statisticians require a strong background in mathematics and increasingly in computer science. Many statisticians pursue parallel formal studies in a field of application while others develop discipline specific expertise through collaborations. More Information

SAS Data Mining Graduate Certificate

Data Mining is an exciting and evolving discipline, as it can lead to the discovery of previously unknown patterns in data for potential business advantage. Data Mining is used to translate masses of raw data into valuable information for business. More Information