Data Mining is the process of exploration and analysis of large quantities of observational data in order to discover meaningful patterns and models. The award-winning Data Mining Program at the University of Central Florida offers an established educational environment complemented with ongoing industrial collaborations.

The Data Mining MS focuses on data mining and its application to business, social, and health problems. The program is particularly suited for individuals who have completed an undergraduate program in mathematics, statistics, economics, business, or other related fields, and wish to pursue a career in data mining. Data miners are statisticians who analyze massive data sets to uncover trends and associations, and make theoretically sound decisions on, for example, business, social, and health subjects. Data miners have one of the most coveted jobs, as the demand for them far exceeds the existing number of qualified persons in the area. Currently, the work force in the data mining industry consists mainly of individuals trained with post college education. To date, very few university degree programs exist for training students for such a large and growing industry in the United States.

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