First Ph.D. of its kind in the state of Florida and only one of a few across the globe.


The Big Data Analytics Ph.D. program aims to train students and researchers to analyze massive structured and unstructured data and uncover hidden patterns, actionable associations and other useful information for better decision making. This program combines the strength of statistical science, data science and machine learning.

The Ph.D. program intends to prepare students to fill the need for skilled positions, including leadership positions, in business and industry, as well as for positions in academia to conduct research and teach data analytics at the graduate level. Our award-winning Data Mining Program, the nation’s oldest data mining program, offers an established educational environment complemented with ongoing industrial collaborations with industrial clients such as the Walt Disney Company, the CFE Federal Credit Union, Sodexo CitiGroup Inc, Johnson & Johnson.

Upon successful completion of this program, our students will have advanced knowledge in data management, algorithm development, inferential statistics and predictive analytics to deal with big data problems.

Curriculum includes:

  • Specialized software tools and applications:
    • Big data architecture, such as distributed storage and processing
    • Apache Hadoop
    • NoSQL
  • Cloud storage and computing
  • Parallel processing
  • Programming languages such as SAS, R and Python
  • Interpreting and communicating findings
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