We are excited to announce that coming in the Fall of 2018, our Department of Statistics & Data Science in the University of Central Florida will have their new doctoral program, Big Data Analytics Ph.D. Program.

This Ph.D. program is the first of its kind in the state of Florida and one of the few across the globe.  Recent explosion of big data has ushered the need for researchers and industry professionals that understand and manage extremely large data sets for better decision making.

The program aims to train students and researchers with a statistics background to analyze massive, structured or unstructured data to uncover hidden patterns, actionable associations, and other useful information.

Our students are expected to perform state-of-art predictive analytics. In addition, the program has an interdisciplinary component that combines the strength of statistics and computer science.  The curriculum includes advanced statistics, data mining, machine learning, and other recent developments in big data analytics.

For more information of this program, please contact Dr. Edgard Maboudou, Graduate Coordinator, at 407-823-2695, Edgard.Maboudou@ucf.edu or click on the link https://sciences.ucf.edu/statistics/graduate/phd-big-data-analytics/

Thank you.

Dr. Shunpu Zhang, PhD
Chair, Department of Statistics & Data Science