Graduate Assistantships

A number of teaching and research assistantships are available through the Department of Statistics & Data Science. Teaching assistants are assigned various departmental duties, which usually include assisting a faculty member in a large-section course or teaching one or two sections per term of an elementary course such as STA 2023. Research assistants are usually supported from funds obtained through research grants. Responsibilities would involve assistance to one or more faculty members in research work.
Continued support through a second year in our program is contingent upon satisfactory progress during the first year. Since the degree can be completed in two years, support on an assistantship is usually limited to two years. Along with the assistantship stipend, student assistants usually receive tuition waviers for a substantial portion of their tuition costs.
The majority of assistantships given to new students begin in the fall term; prospective students should submit all application materials by January 15 to insure consideration for one of these. However, the Department occasionally has assistantships available throughout the year so we encourage applications at any time.

Applying for an Assistantship

To be considered for an assistantship, indicate so on the application for admission and submit 3 letters of recommendation.



There are various fellowship opportunities available at the University of Central Florida. Some of these fellowships, such as the Sodexho Marriott Fellowship give students the opportunity to gain invaluable experience doing statistical analysis at a leading company. The university also has some in-house fellowships. Students are nominated for fellowships by the department based on their credentials and the fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis.